Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Hirelings 1-16-13

My players kick off nearly every session by recruiting new hirelings or purchasing wardogs to replace those that died on the last adventure. To save a little time, I'm going to run these negotiations between games in our Facebook group (where we organize play sessions and chat between games).

The group spent 10 gold pieces, springing for a town crier and buying drinks at the local pub. I proceeded to refer to a handful of NPC tables and rolled up their hireling prospects for the next game. This is what I came up with. (Between us, the hirelings have high opening demands but will settle for more modest salaries.)

While many able-bodied men and women show up to take advantage of your offer for free drinks at the Blue Moon Alehouse, only a handful appeared to seriously consider your offer of gainful employment. After weeding out the rest, you're left with three interested candidates.

First, is Keegan, a dark-haired human male of average height and wiry build in his late 30s. When he flashes a smile, you notice he has several silver teeth. You also notice, to your chagrin, that he doesn't appear to bathe often and smells strongly of goat. He claims to be a brave and experienced warrior, and is armed with a nasty looking club, leather armor and a shield.

Keegan says that he's heard of your adventures and will consider accompanying you on your journey, if the price is right. He'd like to be paid 2 gold pieces a day for his services.

Next up is Ceon Brightsun, a brawny, bronze-skinned young human male of about 20 years, with a completely shaved head and a brilliant smile. His most distinctive feature is a tattoo of a sunburst over his right eye. Ceon says that he grew up in Redwall at the House of the Sun, the local church of Pelor. He wears a holy symbol (a face in a sun) over his leather armor and has a hefty mace at his side.

Ceon is on a holy quest and would appreciate the companionship, if the terms are agreeable. He'd like a one-time 50 gold piece donation to the Church, a half share of any treasure the group finds, and a vow by the party that the group will aid him on his quest within the year.

Last, you have Chelette, an athletic-looking young woman in her late teens. Her hair is styled in a spiky auburn mohawk and her right arm is wrapped in a brightly-colored green dragon tattoo. She seems restless and fidgets in her seat. Chelette wears a cutoff leather vest and is armed with a wooden cudgel and a dagger, with a shield slung on her back.

Chelette claims to be in search of adventure. She's grown up listening to stories of dragons and exotic monsters from her father, who raised her on his own and passed away recently. She dreams of being the hero of her own tale one day and will accompany you for 2 gold pieces per day.

If you'd like to make an offer to any of these hirelings (or negotiate the terms), let me know your character's Charisma.

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